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FLOOR RIG STATION with 2 RACK Stations and 6 Pull Up/Bar Muscle Up Stations.

Tubular iron structure with a rectangular 50×80 mm profile suitable for supporting large loads, assembled with galvanized bolts of 16 mm, guarantees extreme durability, powder coating with excellent finishing qualities increases wear resistance.

The individual components can be viewed in the MODULAR RIGS – COMPONENTS section

The structure is completely MODULAR and all ACCESSORIES can be mounted


  • Rectangular 50×80 mm profile columns 3.2 mm thick, with pitch holes 16 mm in diameter to position the J-Cups and other accessories in different positions, according to the user’s needs
  • Laser Cut label on the columns
  • Laser Cut Numbers from 1 to 20 for the position of J-Cups
  • Single bar on the front for tractions and muscle ups and double bars on the three sides
  • PRO-GRIP special paint finish that allows increased grip in bar exercises
  • Floor fixing on Plates with 4 Holes 18 mm diameter
  • modular structure with infinite expansion possibility
  • Nr. of Pull up / bar muscle up stations visible on drawing in the pictures
  • Nr. of rack stations visible on drawing in the pictures
  • Internal lateral width 170 cm
  • INCLUDED J-CUPS pairs as shown on drawing
  • INCLUDED all bolts for connecting the components of the structure
  • NOT INCLUDED floor fixing elements
  • NOT INCLUDED other optional accessories

Certification: CE EN ISO 20957-1

This product can also be used outdoor because of its protection with our specific treatment called OUTDOOR POW-IMM PROTECTION a double coating. The first immersion to increase the complete protection against corrosion from atmospheric agents, and the second to deposit to guarantee a uniform aesthetic appearance and effective protection from contact during its use.


Article code: FRS100170_1

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Weight 157 kg
Dimensions 280 × 40 × 80 cm