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ATHENA – Female Olympic Barbell specific for cross training 15 Kg Specific for cross training because the material with which it is constructed allows to absorb shocks without losing the characteristic elasticity fundamental in this use. All mechanical properties are collected in one word: RESILIENCE, characteristic term for this discipline. General Features:

  • Handle diameter 25 mm
  • Total length 2010 mm
  • Collar diameter 49.8 mm
  • Collar length 320 mm
  • Weight 15 Kg
  • Special Cross Grip knurling
  • Nr. 4 needle roller bearings
  • Special collars closing system
  • White galvanized zinc treatment for sleeves
  • Cerakote treatment for the Barbell rod BLUE color
  • PSI 215000
  • Maximum load 950 Kg


Cerakote® Color The Cerakote system is a patented protection system mainly used in the field of weapons, the special temperature ceramic coating allows a lasting protection against corrosive and abrasive agents, as well as combining the possibility of customized colors. The results of the abrasion, corrosion and saline resistance tests allow to establish this treatment about 100 times higher than the normal protection treatment that uses zinc.

Bearings To facilitate the perfect rotation of the sleeves of this barbell we have planned to insert 4 roller bearings, 2 for each sleeve, which allow a perfect and balanced rolling. The choice of rollers allows us a greater distribution of load and impact and a long life span.

Knurling We have developed our knurling to allow a grippy and incisive grip without having to use non-slip magnesium powder and above all without running the risk of damaging the hands of the user while using the barbell with repeated lifts. The Beafitness® knurling has a pitch, a depth and an inclination that highlight the characteristics indicated above, the construction of all the rods with computerized numerical control machines allow the perfect repeatability over time.

Production and Control All Beafitness® Barbells are entirely produced at our production site in Ancona, a tight control of the raw material and of all the process phases allow our barbell to have a real production history, for each batch and serial number we have a traceability that allows the knowledge of the product over time. All checks are carried out with computerized tools and included in our computer archive, for a greater guarantee of total quality.


Article code: RKCATHCKT_H169

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